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The "Boring" Legality of Getting Married!

Getting married isn't boring, its the most exciting day of your life! You get to marry the love of your life, in front of your community, friends, family, and Creator. You get to wear special clothes, eat special foods, and dance! I am talking about the legal aspect, here in the Canadian Province of Ontario.

According to the Federal Marriage Act (2005) there are conditions that must be met before the marriage is registered and a permanent marriage certificate is received in the mail. While the process is not difficult, I have written this blog post to simplify it as much as possible.

To officiate a wedding (in Ontario) one must be either a civil officer (like a judge or justice of the peace) or a registered religious clergy. Each registered wedding officiate is issued a unique number, imputed and signed by the officiant, the bride and groom, and witnesses. This is a formal legal ceremony, binding together two people into one common household. My role (as wedding officiant) is to get to know the couple, generate a customized ceremony, help draft vows, and discuss the religious aspect of the event. As the lynchpin of society, God has mandated marriage as the preferred context for human relationship and development. In fact one can say that it is a miracle, a token of God's love for us, and his unyielding commitment to his people.

  1. Choose your date of marriage, taking note that marriage licensed expire if not used in time.

  2. Get your fiancé's driver's license (or passport) and head down to city hall. Only one of you has to go.

  3. Show the ID to the clerk, get the completed form, save for the area completed by the officiant.

  4. Let me know the date, and (if available) will secure your place.

  5. At the place of marriage, the signing parties will congregate and satisfy the legal questions mandated.

  6. The document is signed, the newlyweds received a signed certificate, I will send the completed form to Service Ontario via Canada Post Xpresspost.

  7. Wait 3-6 weeks and, VOILA, your official marriage license arrives in the mail! Congratulations!

This signifies only the legal requirement, not the spiritual dimension. Marriage is a Holy Union, bringing with it unique benefits and responsibilities. In a sense, the vows are the religious element of the wedding, pledging to ve virtuous, loyal, and charitable. The secular law does not make character demands, simply that the candidates are eligible for marriage. As with all things, the wedding must be a balance between the material and the spiritual.

As always, I am here to help.

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