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Elope in Toronto!

I want to personally congratulate you both on the good news!


My name is Brother Jeremy and I am a registered wedding officiant here in Ontario. Some people want a lavish function while others simply want ot "tie the knot". For those looking for a more intimate setting, eloping is the perfect option. You can get married at home, in your backyard, at the cottage, restaurant or even outside in a park!

Home is where the heart is, the place of refuge in the jungle of civilization. Why not get married at home?

This will cut your cost down, freeing you from having to pay for an expensive venue. 

You can have the ceremony inside or out on the patio. For those living in condos, fear not! You can have the ceremony in your common rental space or out on the balcony. This is not to say that you can fit a lot of people, maybe some have to stay inside the unit with the door open. This is a very common choice, getting married high above the ground with the urban skyline as the backdrop. 

Reasons To Elope
  • The cheapest way to get married.

  • Flexible and available last minute.

  • Lowest stress, highest intimacy.

  • Can come to you, so you do not have to travel.

  • Greatest attention to guests.

  • Can be performed (almost) anywhere.

  • Does not require a lot of planning.

  • Can be spur of the moment. 

  • Can get married near a sick relative, ensuring that they are there to witness the moments.

How Much Does it Cost To Elope?

$325.           Officiant (service, paperwork, courier to government)

$130-180.    Marriage license

*Travel cost for outside the Greater Toronto Area

Get Married At Home!

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Best Wedding Officiant
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My amazing wife Esther and myself.

So glad that you are here!

Elope in Ontario!

So many you are from out of town, seeking the perfect destination to get married. To you I say "congrats and welcome to Ontario!".

If you are a local--like us--I applaud your choice to support our economy. Ontario is so beautiful, not just the landscape but especially the people. Every vendor has a story, each with their unique struggles, accomplishments and lessons. 

This is a truly awesome place, a province with four distinct seasons. Blessed by nature, you can make your moment exactly as you see fit.

Eloping is flexible by design, allowing you to have more selection (in choosing a venue) versus wedding party of 200 guests. 

While eloping can be the cheapest route to marriage, it need not be frugal. Some couples have fine tastes but simply want to limit the event to a limited amount of close friends and family. Intimacy is a huge emphasis for elopers and for good reason.

I am happy to make your moment possible, working within the generous auspices of my mandate.

Here are some awesome eloping destination ideas:

  1. Get married in the gardens beside Niagara Falls. You can literally see the Falls in the backdrop of your wedding pics. This is the "essential" Canadian wedding destinations. 

  2. Host your wedding at the Toronto Zoo. I know the website says that it is only allowing corporate events but this is likely to change. They are investing huge sums of money, making it the best Zoo in the world. Consider hotels, breweries, and luxury hotels. 

  3. Elope in Prince Edward County. This is an island on Lake Ontario, right before Belleville on the 401. You can get married on the beach, in a rustic winery, Church, Synagogue, camp, or restaurant. I am here for much of the summer where my wife Esther volunteers with children. This is truly "God's Country" combined with a seaside English town from the 19th century.

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