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What To Do In Prince Edward County, Canada

prince edward county camping, sandbanks camping, visit prince edward county

Pristine Beaches?

Best Local Seafood?


Vineyard or Craft Brewery?

AHL Hockey Game In Belleville?

Quinte Mall And Box Stores?

Restaurant In Picton?

How About Moccasins, Aboriginal Art And Cheap Gas?

Try Your Luck At The Casino?

Do Some "Self-Love" And Hit Up A Spa?

Can City-Folk Ice Fish?

Up For Some Golf?

Ever Been On An ATV (4-Wheeler)?

If something looks decent, click on the pic to check our their website. 

Welcome To The County!

Prince Edward County Beaches

prince edward county beaches

So you have probably heard that Sandbanks has the best beaches around, putting everything else to shame. While the coastline is majestic, there is more than just one beach to consider for your excursion. 

Consider North Beach Provincial Park, on the west-side of the Island near Concecon. 

north beach provincial park, concecon, prince edward county beach
north beach provincial park, prince edward county beach

Now THIS Is Paradise, Eh?

north beach provincial park, camping, beach, prince edward county
sandbanks beach, prince edward county beach

Get Ready To Be Amazed!

sandbanks beach, beach fun, prince edward county

Not Surf-Level But Very Jumpable!


Dip Your Toes In The Softest Sand!

sandbanks beach, prince edward county beach

Don't Forget To Bring Your Rubber Ducky!

rubber duck, sandbanks beach, pec

The Local Seafood Is "Pure Fire".

Either Purchased Or Caught (with the necessary Provincial License).

fishing pec, fishing ontario, prince edward county
pec seafood
walleye pec, prince edward county, sandbanks fishing

This Gentleman caught a local Walleye, beautiful on the BBQ.

PEC Camping

pec camping
Winter Cabin prince edward county, pec

Maybe you are coming in winter, looking for a little bit of comfort. PEC has amazing winter cabins to rent, making this the perfect choice for your holiday retreat. Hot Chocolate, anyone?

canadian maple, pancakes, hot chocolate

Maybe you are thinking something about something more rugged...

winter camping pec
Snowboarder Walking Through Snow
snow tent pec


I know that you are here for summer.

Camping under the stars?

Yes, you will see the constellations. 

star gazing pec

Open up your tent window and have a gander outside...

Become intoxicated by the great expanse of space.

Are we alone in the universe...

If we are visited by ETs, be assured that they will come visit PEC!!

sandbanks camping, pec
fronterra, pec tent, picton
5 Photo courtesy Prince Edward County 4.jpeg
prince edward county vineyard

PEC Vineyards Are Amazing!

pec wineries, vineyard, picton, wine
sandbanks vineyard, pec winery, prince edward county
pec wine, winery, vineyard, prince edward county

Pretty impressive, EH?

You would think that you were in Tuscany or France or something exotic.

This is Ontario.

Our Ontario.

cape vineyard, pec, wine

You will find the food paired with some of the freshest dishes that you will ever taste!

Courtesy of local farmers, ranchers, and everyone else down the supply chain!

Enjoy the literal "fruits of their labour"!

pizza and wine, prince edward county ontario

Looking at all of these pics is making me hungry!

Which combination looks the best?

white wine, pec
PEC Breweries Are Something Special
midtown brewery prince edward county
prince edward county brewery

For when the "buck-a-beer" just won't do!

gillingham ipa, prince edward county brewery
prince eddys, pec brewery, prince edward county

Beer tastes better with a mermaid on it.

Trust me.

cream ale.jpeg
See a Belleville Senators Game
belleville senators.jpeg
belleville senators ticket

Everyone is familiar with the NHL, the top-tier hockey league in the world. 

Have you ever heard of the AHL?

So the "Wayne Gretzkys" are not born; they are developed.

In other words, they have to work their way up to the pros.

The Sens are affiliated with Ottawa, trading players back and forth.

This is top-level hockey.

Some say that it is even more aggressive than the NHL, due to the players competing for the limelight

They play at the CAA Area, located on Cannifton Road. 

If you are looking to score some tickets, simply click on the team logo above. 

You will be directed to Ticketmaster.

*Just a brief caveat

AHL games have been on hold due to the pandemic.

If you game is cancelled for any reason, they issue a credit back to the card. 

Quinte Mall ad Belleville Shopping
quinte-mall, belleville shopping

Quinte is a regional mall, with all of the regular Canadian retail spots. Some notable stores include: SportsChek, Winners, Eddie Bauer, Foot Locker, GAP, Lenscrafters, Roots and Shoppers Drug Mart.

The food court is decent, with all of the regular fast food options. 

If you ask me, Bourbon Street Grill is the best!

Quinte Mall

Belleville has all of the major big-box stores.

Click on the hyperlink to connect directly over to Google Maps.

Once again, welcome to Belleville! 

Restaurants in Picton

Picton is the largest city on the island, despite not being that big. That being said, it has everything on your shopping list.

Are you a tired from the drive, looking for a high quality local restaurant?

If you like one of the pictures below, click on it. It will direct you to their website, giving you driving directions and access to their menu.

Bon Appetit !

picton restaurants
number 7, picton restaurant
hartleys tavern picton, pec

Whatever type of food that you're craving, you will find it here. Picton truly is a culinary haven!

acoustic grill picton, pec restaurants
Tyendinaga Mohawk reserve
Tyendinaga Mohawk Reserve
Tyendinaga native reserve

Native Canadians have inhabited this land for thousands of years. While many live modern lives, there is a concentrated effort to keep their noble traditions alive. While Aboriginal territories are within federal borders, they have their own laws and regulations. While "Status Indians" are given a reduction on retail taxes, this usually does not apply to others. However, you will still find that prices are cheaper when compared to Trenton or Belleville.

With the carbon tax taking effect, gas prices have risen astromatically in the past year or so. You can comfortably expect to save10-20 cents per litre, a tidy sum for larger capacity vehicles. 

You cannot miss the gas stations as they are literally everywhere. One has to wonder if there are more cannabis shops or gas stations, both extremely popular with tourist and townies alike. 

native reserve gas station
rebecca maracle gallery and gifts

Native art is pretty awesome. It reflects the natural landscape, emphasising domestic animals, plants, spiritual dimentions. You can buy tasteful decorations for your house or comfy moccassins for your feet!

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