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Toronto Kosher Food - Bathurst and Steeles and Beyond

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ברוכים הבאים and welcome to beautiful Toronto, Canada!

It is a beautiful city all year round, offering world-class business, education, and enrichment opportunities. Home to around 400k Jewish residents, the GTA offerings a large variety of kosher restaurants, synagogues, kosher supermarkets and Jewish Community Centres. 

We are going to focus on the intersection of Bathurst and Steeles, the intersection that constitutes the border between Thornhill and North York. You will find kosher options in the surrounding suburbs but they are limited outside of York Region. If you are staying outside the core, make a trip to one of the following stores, all fulfilling the obligations under Halacha


All listings are walkable, provided that they person does not have any physical limitations. 

Bathurst and Steeles


Thornhill-Toronto Kosher Restaurants

Kosher Grocery Stores

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Hotels within Walking Distance of Bathurst and Steeles

Toronto Kosher Resources 


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More Synagogues

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Jewish Community Centres in the Toronto Area
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