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What is a Micro-Wedding? Why Are They Becoming So Popular?

In past generations the term “elopement” held negative connotations, suggesting that the couple could not get married in a traditional manner. One popular reason (for choosing to elope) was that the couple came from two different faith communities, with neither one offering to perform the service. Furthermore elopement could have signalled a rejection of social norms, perhaps due to specific external pressures that made traditional wedding ceremonies impossible.
Of course, elopement still nods to its archaic understanding, perhaps emphasizing who isn’t there instead of focusing on those present. One modern reason is due to travel costs, especially if the wedding is taking place far away from the home city. While some people prefer to have the entire wedding party attend the travel destination, the cost can be prohibitive for many guests, leaving loved ones feeling left out and excluded.
One popular option is to have two, separate ceremonies; one performed abroad and the other at home. To assure guests of their importance, the home wedding can be the official ceremony, the one that renders the couple married under Ontario Government Law. This ceremony can be simple, perhaps at a local restaurant, country club, park, or small wedding chapel. This is rather simple to organize, needing only a Registered Wedding Officiant, venue, and food source. To further save money, the photography can be done either by a friend or by someone affiliated with the wedding officiant. 
Wedding ceremonies are highly personalized, reflecting a large assortment of tastes, cultures, and preferences. Many chose to incorporate elements from their past, ensuring the continuity of ethnic (or religious) traditionals over the generations. While many Canadians are not religious, many elect for a Traditional Biblical Marriage, due to either nostalgia or perceived value. In fact, many couples prefer micro-weddings, avoiding the necessary guests, frills and expenses. Brother Jeremy is proud to offer customizable vows, ceremonies, and other personalized touches. 
It is sad that some couples avoid marriage due to the high price tag, especially considering the value that the institution has within our Canadian Society. Marriage builds families, strengths communities, and sets up the perfect framework for raising children. For younger couples (or those without large resources) a smaller wedding is preferable, ensuring that more money is saved towards future expenses (such as buying a house). To summarize this point, it is not wise to start a new family straddled with debt incurred from a wedding.
One benefit of having a micro-wedding is that the guests are more involved, taking on a greater role in the ceremony. With less people in attendance, each person is giving more attention, more opportunities to interact with the bridal party and family. I am speaking with authority here, having personally elected (alongside my now wife, Esther) to have the exact ceremony that I have described above. It was perfect, giving everyone a chance to contribute either via speech or ritual.
Remember, it isn’t the food that people remember, but (instead) the people. The wedding party is to celebrate the new couple, a family built on the promises-the vows- made during the ceremony. 
In conclusion, do not avoid marriage for the financial costs. It can be done on a budget, especially if you hold the wedding ceremony (and reception) at home, cottage, or at a private location that you do not need to pay to use. If money is a concern, please reach out to me and I will find a way to make marriage available to you. I have never turned away a couple (for financial reasons) and will never do so, as it goes against everything I believe.
Regardless of your age, ethnicity, religion, income, legal status (in Canada) I will make Traditional Biblical Marriage open to all who seek it. 
Congratulations and Godspeed on your new journey.

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