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Every Step Of The Journey. 

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English is a tricky language, something that native speakers often take for granted. 

Consider the following examples:

  • The farmer was used to produce produce.

  • I did not object to the object.

  • When shot at, the dove dove in to the bushes. 

  • The bandage was wound around the wound.

  • We must polish the polish silverware. 

I think that I have made my point.

English is the Lingua Franca of the business world, giving students access to global education, business, and society. 

If one is to compete in the coming job market, English fluency is insufficient. One must operate "as if" they were educated, native speakers. If your words cannot command respect, all if for nothing.

K-12 English Tutoring

Honours Bachelors in Arts (History and English)

Bachelor of Management in Marketing

Graduate diploma in marketing

English, French, Hebrew.

  • Educational assessment outlining strengths, barriers, and plan of action.

  • Understanding the report card, putting it into context for family expectations.

  • Developing an age (and interest) appropriate reading list, complimented by comprehension questions and oral assessments.

  • Critical thinking, the ability to process information and detect both legitimacy and bias.

  • Creative writing for leisure, course work, and publication.

  • Portfolio development, preparation for private school and university admissions.

  • Public speaking, especially the ability to articulate ideas clearly and effectively. 

  • Essay writing, academic sourcing, research.

  • Homework review and editing prior to official submission.

  • Exam preparation, including emergency sessions "the day off".

ESL Tutor

  • From the "ABC"s all the way through to university.

  • Improving clarity, learning to replicate the Canadian accent.

  • English immersion, learning all materials through this language of instruction. 

  • Western-exposure, understanding domestic media and cultural references.

  • Understanding slang, idioms, and regional differences.

  • Public speaking, non verbal communication, societal expectations.

  • Functional writing (resume, emails, texts, formal letters etc).

  • Navigating society, finding community-based resources.

  • Client advocacy, serving the interests of the student in whatever context given.

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Tutoring Questions and Answers

  • What is the English Immersion method? Engaging the world through English, both inside and out of the classroom. While some students cannot move to a country in the Anglosphere, we can simulate the experience via technology and web interface. Used by intelligence agencies, this the quickest way to become proficient in a second language.

  • Can you write my essay for me? No, but I will happily assist you in making an outline, satisfying all of the requirements outlined in the rubric. I can help you edit (and format) your paper, ensuring that you do not loose points for grammar, citations, or so forth.

  • Do you offer French tutoring? Yes, I can help students with their French homework in addition to developing their oral communication. 

  • I have a test coming up and I am stressing out. What should I do? Take a deep breath and email me the exam prep sheet, giving me time to both review the material and return your phone call. I can help you prepare for the exam, whether it be the week or night before. 

  • What subjects do you offer support in? I am proud to offer tutoring in English, French, Hebrew, History, Social Studies and Civics. 

  • How are online sessions held? They are held over Zoom.

  • How do I know if my child has a language problem? The best approach is to remain diligent, looking for signs in everyday discussions, report cards and teacher feedback. 

  • Do you offer tutoring for students on the Autism Spectrum? Yes, I offer academic support to all students with all learning profiles. If your student has been officially diagnosed, it will be helpful to mention that information prior to the first session.

  • My child has a tendency to mumble, making it quite difficult to understand him or her. What should I do? If addressed early, a speech impediment can be remedied easily, through speech language therapy. This can be done either through a designated professional or educator. 

  • My child performed poorly on his/her report card, despite having a high degree of potential. What should I do to inspire them? Many kids see learning as boring, not something that is both interesting and helpful for their future career. To encourage students to work harder, it is best to connect their coursework to the realities of the real world. It is never too early to discuss career possibilities, especially positions that integrate the material being learned in school.

  • I am worried about my child's progress after the lockdown. What can we do to ensure that they get the appropriate level of support? You can look for a learning center in your area, one that develop an individualized lesson plan to support his or her needs. This is like an IEP but takes other things into consideration, like language and extra-cirricular enrichment,.  

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