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8 "Good" Reasons to Elope in Toronto.

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There are many reasons to get married, some bad, very bad. How about marrying a stranger in Los Vegas? You may give a reason, but it will not be a good reason. There is nothing good that can come from such an arrangement. 


Full Stop.


If you have (or know someone) who developed a strong marriage (from the aforementioned scenario) let me know! I will be very interested to hear what happened.


For everyone else (including myself) here is a list of GOOD reasons to get married. 


  1. You want the best for the other person, and they want the same for you. Does not have to be the material best, instead the best quality of general wellbeing and health.

  2. You believe that God considers marriage important, for the establishment of families and communities. Your fiancé feels the same, being similarly aligned theologically (what you believe). If you partner is a devout Muslim-and you a Pagan Witch-you may get some shade thrown at the wedding!

  3. You have a similar worldview, goals, and moral compasses. You should be heading the same direction, at least in broad terms. Both of your life goals should be compatible and able to be integrated.

  4. You see yourselves are more than just yourselves, the heirs of a rich tapestry of tradition. You connect with the ceremony, not as it is now but as it once was. 

  5. You are celebrating the vows with a party, not garnishing liturgy over indulgence. One can have both a beautiful and meaningful wedding (simultaneously) as long as the celebration flows from the “meat and potatoes” of the event. 

  6. You are aware of the divorce rate, especially the factors that lead to family dissolvement. You are willing to work on the marriage, through communication and openness. 

  7. You plan on starting a family, wanting the wedding ceremony to represent the start of something bigger. You want to show your future children-and grandchildren-what you did and why.

  8. You believe in the Magic of the Bible, its ability to speak to endless amounts of people throughout space and time. You see value in the customs, blessing a new family with health, prosperity, and happiness.


Getting married is the biggest decision you ever make, something that you shouldn't take lightly. However, this does not mean that you have to take our a second mortgage to finance your luxurious affair. Instead of spending money on the frills, spend time developing your vows. Spend the time to get to know each other, even deeper than that you already do. Explore why your spouse chose you, separating you from the rest. Just because some want an exuberant honeymoon while other couples prefer to go camping in Prince Edward County. Just because a wedding is small, doesn't mean it doesn't have value. In fact, eloping may be more romantic, considering intimate nature of the function. Whatever you chose to do, I wish you happiness and blessing, May His Light Always Shine Upon your face, and give your His Peace.

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Brother Jeremy is a Registered Wedding Officiant Serving Toronto, Ontario. He offers custom elopement packages, allowing both locals and tourists to enjoy the blessing of marriage. Priced cheaper than Toronto City Hall Weddings, Brother Jeremy offers a unique take on a traditional wedding service. You can choose to get married at our Toronto Wedding Chapel, located conveniently at the intersection of Wilmington and Sheppard in North York. If you want to know how to get married in Toronto, or anywhere else in Ontario, call us @ 437-345-9611. Brother Jeremy offers both Jewish Wedding Services and officiant duties for couples of all religious (or cultural) backgrounds. Your wedding officiant of choice in Toronto, Muskoka, Belleville and Prince Edward County.

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