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My Top Favourite Outdoor Wedding Venues in Toronto


Covid has made many people reconsider their trajectory, some choosing to take the step, making their love official. While the engagement is fairly straightforward-ring plus prospective fiancé-the wedding ceremony can complicate things a bit. In Toronto (at the time of writing, Feburary 2022) indoor gatherings are capped at only 25 people. In fact, some areas have indoor limits permitting only 10 people. Rest assured that there are wedding venues open during this time, happy to accommodate your function while ensuring that all guidelines are met. 

A Little Imagination Goes A Long Way :)

While most people prefer to plan their outdoor wedding for the summer, some venues provide external gas heater lamps, allowing guests to be comfortable outside. However, if you are planning your wedding under the current mandate, you may have up to 100 guests provided that everyone is fully vaccinated. Provided that numbers stay low, restrictions may open up more come spring, avoid the dread of having to cross people off your invite list. One option is to get an officiant to do the legal paperwork now while delaying the celebration. 

Regardless of the guest capacity, all these outdoor venues are incredible, both for weddings and general leisure. This comes at no surprise with Canada coming in first place, year after year, being awarded the best place to live. It truly is a world class city, hosting a large assortment of museums, galleries, wedding venues and exhibition halls.  I hope that this guide helps you choose the best outdoor wedding venue in Toronto, one that is sure to be perfect for you and your fiancee. If are looking for a Toronto Wedding Officiant, I am happy to serve All ethnic communities.

Let's get started!


Get Married Outside at a Toronto Park


While this isn’t just one destination, instead it covers all municipal parks. While it may seem cheeky to just show up and just have your ceremony, City Hall mandates a permit and fee paid. It is not expensive, much more affordable than traditional indoor venues. Starting November 2021 (the time of writing) the cost of weddings (and photography) is assessed at $226.16 per hour. Please note that this cost is inclusive of tax but charged as a whole unit. That means that if you use 2 hours and 18 minutes, you will be charged for three hours. This is only fair, considering that this money is used to maintain the beautiful horticulture that our city has to offer. 


One of my favourites is Edwards Gardens, located beside the Toronto Botanical Gardens. There are many different types of flowers, plants, and other greenery sure to enhance your wedding experience. The air is crisp, affording an oversaturation of clean oxygen to inhale. It truly takes a trip to understand this place, forcing tourists (and locals) to return for a second look. Just to repeat the aforementioned caveat, you have to book your wedding here beforehand, rendering all the necessary fees and “e-paperwork”. Edwards Gardens is popular with locals and tourists alike, earning the 18th most popular attraction in the Toronto Regions.


My second favourite is Toronto Island, a group of smaller islands positioned across from Downtown Toronto, Transportation (to the islands) are available by ferry, taking around 13 minutes to traverse the Lake Ontario waterway. It is an enjoyable experience, providing breathtaking views on the urban sprawl, the horizon punctured with shiny condos and skyscrapers. Not that it is relevant to organizing a wedding, but there are both a children’s amusement park here and a nude beach. While the Ferris wheel might make for a cool shot, be sure to avoid Hanlan's point, especially past the marked signs! 

To get to Toronto Island, go to the downtown Jack Layton Terminal, conveniently located at the foot of Yonge Street. There you will see a ticket kiosk and three options. While you cannot take your car on the ferry-cars are only allowed on Toronto Island-you can take your photography equipment, food, and other accessories you need for your big day. There is no bad place to take wedding pictures here, whether the shot back onto the city or the clear, Canadian lake water. Toronto Island is the place to get married, a popular choice for couples of all tastes. If you are looking for a restaurant, be sure to check the Island Rivera  for both indoor and outdoor dining. One option is to have the wedding ceremony outdoors while taking the wedding reception to a licensed establishment for drinks and plates. For those looking to host a Bar Mitzvah in Toronto, there are Kosher Caterer's that will bring your feast to your location! For the less observant, there are both restaurants on-site and a plethora of quality catering options to choose from. L'Chaim!

Get Married at Fort York

If you are looking for a truly cool wedding venue, look no further! A preserved relic of the War of 1812, Fort York now serves as a banquet hall and tourist destination. There is something incredible about this outdoor venue, especially with the aesthetic and historical elements coming together so perfectly. Wedding guests will be transported back in time, being treated to a creative display of historic reinterpretation. You will see “soldiers” traversing the property, dressed in their dated military attire. Along with Black Creek Pioneer Village, this is one of my top two favourite places to perform a wedding. 

The outdoor layout of the property is especially Covid-friendly, allowing up to the maximum (100) guests allowed under the current municipal guidelines. The greenery is well maintained, a sharp contrast from the concrete (and glass) jungle surrounding the property. Fort York is located right beside the CNE, constituting a short 5 minute walk from the Princess Gates. As this is a popular wedding venue, make sure to inquire way ahead of time, ensuring that another couple does not reserve their spot before you. The most busy time is during the warmer months, with spring marking the start of the regal pageants and parades. Please note that their maximum occupancy (for outdoor events) is 250 guests, perfect for larger weddings. For an added touch, consider adding the cannonball option to your wedding booking, forcing everyone to quiet down and take notice. You might not be the first couple to get married at Fort York, but your wedding might just be the most memorable!

Get Married at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Have you ever wanted to go back in time, lacking the necessary time machine? If so, you are in luck. Black Creek Pioneer Village is a historic park, taking the couple to the years before Canadian Confederation. With a number of historic buildings, structures, and actors, this is the perfect backdrop for your wedding. If you are looking to get married in Ontario--and make a big statement--this is the spot for you. 


With a large open space, you can accommodate for more guests. There are many prime wedding spots, including the barn, doctor's house, and the Strong Family Homestead. I have an awesome article about Black Creek, going in to more detail here. This is not only my favourite place to take my family, it is also my favourite place to perform a wedding! Please consider this my input, if asked about preferred venue:)


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Cool Wedding Venues in Toronto (including indoor)

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