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Toronto Guide To Micro Weddings

Micro Weddings are all the rage now, especially due to the Pandemic limitations surrounding social distancing. Think about it for a minute, isn’t that great for the couple?

Especially if they are uneasy around crowds, perhaps even a little (or a lot) short on cash? By limiting the guest list you can take full control over the ceremony, ensuring that everything is done according to your plan and design. You will not get frazzled, unsure if a vendor is going to overcharge you, or you will have to fight the invoice. This is not to say that changes don’t happen but that the issues are small enough not to be overwhelming. 
Regardless of the season Toronto (and Cottage Country) have some of the best opportunities for your smaller wedding, ranging in price, venue, catering and so forth.  Here are three awesome ideas for your Micro Wedding, starting off with the lowest-price option.
Micro Venue or Wedding Chapel
This is the cheapest option, probably the easiest one as well. While there are not as many Wedding Chapels in Toronto as there are in Las Vegas, there are many fine places here to tie the knot. Make sure that the wedding officiant is registered, meaning that they are commissioned by the Province to solemnize weddings. When a venue tends to be smaller, it increases guest communication and participation. While some allow small snacks-or cake-most will not allow full meals. One option is to perform the ceremony at the wedding chapel and then subsequently move the party to a restaurant for the celebration. 
This is a great option for people who do not know many people in an area, such as circumstances where the guests are abroad and unable to attend. Many wedding chapels allow the ceremony to be broadcast on Zoom, allowing guests to watch and provide comments in real time. This can be combined with an additional service abroad, perhaps at a tropical destination that makes it difficult to attend. If you are looking for a wedding officiant in Toronto, drop me an email or fill out the form. 
Muskoka Cottage or Beachfront Location
This requires either your own (private) property or permission to use that of a friend or family member. This can be very romantic, being so close to the water. Water is used frequently in the Bible, both in the Old Testament as well as the New. In the Torah (Old Testament) water symbolizes life, especially emphasizing its spiritual cleansing property. This is epitomized in the Mikvah Bath, a ritual basin used in Jewish Purity Law and Conversion Process (Giyur Tzedek). In the Gospel, John the Baptist immerses new followers in the Jordan River, symbolizing a rebirth in Faith and Purpose. Some people like elope while camping in Prince Edward County, taking only a few friends and a blanket. There are many awesome wedding venues in Prince Edward County, in addition to Muskoka, Niagara Falls, and Toronto Island. 
Once you have the venue, make sure to book the wedding officiant (or the wedding isn’t legal), caterer, decoration team, and photographer. If on a tighter budget, outsource these functions to family, friends, or anyone with a flair for the aesthetics! Food need not be catered, with many modern couples electing for a simple BBQ, a reflection of Cottage Life; Authentic Canadian Culture
Don’t forget that Cottage Country is a couple hours from the core, requiring people to either drive or carpool. Just because you all want to go to a winery in Prince Edward County does not mean that it is feasible for all! This can be problematic for older guests-or guests with mobility issues-but can be rectified with a little planning. In many ways Cottage Country is part of Toronto, with the many leisure homes belonging to North York (and York Region) residents. If you want to save on money, assign roles to the wedding party, loved ones on “both sides” of the aisle. It will make them feel honoured as well as avoiding getting “the bill” in the mail. 

Host The Entire Ceremony (With Reception) At a Rented Room (at a hotel, restaurant, banquet hall, or community centre)
This is (perhaps) the most expensive option for a micro wedding, but there are exceptions. This could be considered a form of elopement, with only a handful of friends accompanying the new couple. A happy medium between a wedding chapel and a "full service wedding", it provides the added comfort of table service. If your wedding is taking place during the off-season (October -March) you can find great promotions if you look around. Once again, reserve your wedding officiant and have them meet the wedding party there. After everyone arrives he (or she) will do the ceremony, ring exchange, and (lastly) legal signing. There is no pressure to invite the officiant to stay beyond the service. Furthermore, he (or she) may have additional weddings to attend to, especially if the wedding is taking place during the summer months.

Smaller Italian Bistros may allow you to close down the entire premises, offering a more private, intimate affair. This focuses all the attention on your party, ensuring that no one has to wait too long to get their food and drinks. While many restaurants offer dessert, you can elect to bring in your own wedding cake, either bought or baked by a guest. 
These types of venues are decorated tastefully, but not specifically for a wedding. You should ask (before booking) if they allow decorations, promising that it will all be cleaned upon leaving the premises. It is common for the wedding party to decorate the day-of (without the bride or groom being in attendance). One idea is to place pictures of the couple on boards, allowing guests to write personalized messages, mementos that will last a lifetime.


I love weddings, having attended hundreds (if not thousands) of weddings with my father over the years. While it was natural to look up to one's father, I admired (still do) his role in the community. It is such a blessing to unite two people; before friends, family, and the Almighty God


Blessings upon You and your family. 


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