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10 Reasons NOT To Get Married

Is Marriage A Great Idea For Everyone?

Ok so the title is a little bit "c;ick-baity" and somewhat counterintuitive.

My name is Brother Jeremy and I am a Toronto Wedding Officiant.

Obviously I love weddings but not everyone should be headed to the alter.

Am I Being Too Judgemental?

Maybe so, but please give me the change to lay it"on-the-line" first, before you give me the appropriate degree of "shade".

Ok Fam Jam, Lets Get To It!

1) You Are Getting Married To Upset An Ex.

2) All Your Friends Have Already Gotten Married And You ONLY Want To Get Married, As To Not Feel Left Out.

3) Your Partner Tells You Than You Cannot Do Better (So You Better Settle).

4) You Really Like Parties (And Just Need A Reason).

5) You Are Religious AndWant To Have Coitus Without Feeling Sinful.

6) If It Starts At "We Were At The Family Reunion"....

7) You Are Bored And Need Something To Plan.

8) If We Throw A Wedding (There Will Be Lots Of Catering, No Need To Cook For The Month, I Can Freeze It BH IT Lasts Longer. Now I Need Someone, Anyone).

9) When In Rome (Rather, When In Vegas With A Jewish Officiant Dressed Like Fat Elvis).

10) My Mother Has Been Giving Me Shame And I've Had Enough! Ill Exchange One Toxic Relationship For Another!

Truth In Humour

Maybe my list was a little bit tongue in cheek but that is one of the blessings of living in a free society.

If your marriage is building on something solid (like "love" or "respect" then I will be happy to serve you.

Ill See You Under The Chuppah!


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