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Registered Wedding Officiant Serving Toronto, Muskoka, Mississauga, Durham, Prince Edward Country and Beyond.

Your Vows, Your Wedding, Your Day.

So you are engaged now....


What are the next steps?

Let me help :)

As an ordained chaplain, in Toronto, Brother Jeremy is a skilled orator and passionate wedding officiant in Toronto. He is the son of an Israeli-ordained rabbi with a background in theology, Hebrew, and public outreach. Brother Jeremy is committed to serving All Nations, sharing in our common humanity and purpose.

The wedding is the cornerstone of our culture, building families and community. A skilled wordsmith, he is able to covey the essence of the couple, enshrining the day into family history.  You can expect a highly personalized ceremony, with no two weddings being exactly the same. The service will be "hand crafted", telling the story of two fascinating people who chose each other. 

Whether you get married at our Toronto Wedding Chapel, a Sandbanks cabin, or at the cottage, your wedding will be unique.



The one to remember...

Bride and Groom at Sunset
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Your Officiant in Toronto...

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Baruch Hashem (Thank the Creator) for family!

Here is my wife Esther and baby son Asher. He's had a long day!

toronto chuppah.jpeg

Big Or Small
Pure Wedding Magic!

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Beautiful Chuppahs
Traditional, Romantic,
Elegant. Canopies are a hall mark of not just Jewish Weddings, but Weddings of all faiths, flavours, and cultures.

A Chuppah can be disassembled, moved, and re-gifted. it can also be solidified in concrete outside, perhaps at a cottage.  

While some use the Tallit to top the structure, it can be made of a variety of materials, customized in thematic colours.

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Classic, Just Like You!
Not Any Wedding,
Your Wedding.

Banquet Hall?      Yes.
Restaurant?          Yes.
Fancy?                   Yes.

Your wedding, exactly as you want it. Made to measure.

And yes, I will help you customize both your vows and set list. Here is the best weddings songs for 2022. What am I kidding? These songs are timeless! They work for either a wedding or Bar Mitzvah, getting everyone (and their savta) on to the dance-floor!

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Artistic Flair? Make it Happen!

As individualized as you are!

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Brides (and grooms) have been getting married under a canopy for generations. In Hebrew the word for the structure is "Chuppah" which signifies the couple's first house.

Looking at the history of weddings ceremonies, one can see that many cultures have used a similar structure, revealing a common understanding. 

Fancy or simple, wedding canopies are an excellent way to stage the wedding ceremony. 

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Dear Soon-to-be-married,

I want to congratulate you on taking this big step, perhaps the biggest step you could ever take. When you choose one person for marriage, you are also not selecting billions of others. This statement is profoundly deep, a testimony to the love you feel for your fiancee. May this love keep you strong, a united force in a desert of indifference.

May your wedding planning be fun, creative, and stress-free. May you focus on the things that matter, giving you the strength to put distractions on the back-burner. May your family rally behind you in support, knowing when to trust your judgement and direction.

If you have any questions about getting your marriage license at city hall, writing your wedding vows or the ceremony itself, please fill in the form and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

My name is Brother Jeremy and I am a Registered Wedding Officiant serving All Nations, without reservation or pretence. Getting married in Toronto is a fairly easy, straight forward affair. I have published a guide to Prince Edward County in addition to other cool places to get married in Toronto. Southern Ontario has a wealth of amazing wedding venues, each with their own charm. If you are looking to get married outside the province, I work with a Toronto Rabbi who will be happy to meet your needs. As I am a father to a new baby, my services will be limited to Toronto, York Region, Muskoka, and Trenton Area. 

May The Creator who sustains me also sustain you. 

May His Light shine brightly on you, and give you His Peace

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happy jeremy.jpeg

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848 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto On M3H 2T5

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Bride and Groom at Sunset