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My Top Ten Things That Money Cannot Buy

Money is a fuel source, propelling you towards one destination or another. Money is indifferent, not caring about your emotional (or spiritual) well being. It can be used to feed the poor as well as hire an assassin. It does not cry when it changes hands, not caring who is carrying it in their pocket. It is an amoral bartering tool, exchanging one form of value for another. While money can buy many things, it cannot buy the things illustrated below.

  1. The genuine love between a husband and wife.

  2. The warm embrace of your children, reminding you that it was all worth it.

  3. Real friends, not people who see you as a means to an end. Instead they value the time you spend together, see it as valuable for its own sake.

  4. Respect, not the type you can buy. Having a strong reputation, built on trust and longevity.

  5. Appreciation for one's heritage, something that only comes after spending time learning about it.

  6. The development of a moral compass. Knowing how to distinguish ethical Light from darkness.

  7. Strong communication ability. This takes resilience, even if the speaker has fears or insecurity. It takes practice, far harder than doing a public school language test.

  8. Self confidence. In contrast to the current status quo, it requires some ability as a precursor. Your confidence should be built on merit, by offering society something of value.

  9. Hunger. Not just in the literal sense, but the animalistic desire to conquer and dominate. This explains why many of the greatest ideas were developed by people outside the mainstream. People on the margins have less to lose, and more to gain.

  10. Sense of purpose in the world. The materialist worldview denounces any notion of meaning, design, or direction. While many atheists are moral people, they cannot explain the foundation for their morality. This only comes with an open mind, weighing the probability of it all coming together as it has.

Our Universe is a system of interconnected microcosms, all working together in perfect unity. While we accept the fresh oxygen from the trees, we rarely question the system that allowed us to live so comfortably.

Money can only be realized among certain people, the rest occupying their lives with distractions. There is joy in buying a house, but no more than buying the first. After a week your new car turns into just your car. It provides a spike of dopamine before crashing you lower than you were before. Money can be a drug, but it need not be. When you seek Wisdom first, the material will follow.

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