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Interfaith Weddings With Brother Jeremy

Did you know that roughly 25 percent of Canadian Jews have married partners from outside the community? This is relatively modest, especially when compared to the United States, where assimilation and “intermarriage” are used interchangably. Another survey suggests that Canadian Jews are more “connected” due to the high quality (and accessibility) of Hebrew day schools and other programs (think NCSY ).













While some groups have seen this figure (interfaith families) as “lost potential” I see it as an opportunity to welcome newcomers into our fold. My view is completely at odds with Orthodox Judaism, who sees “maternal” descent as the only want to enter our community. While I have a different worldview than my orthodox brothers and sisters, I respect their faith and dedication to study. 


With that being said, where does that leave the rest?


Some families are not comfortable working with a Haredi rabbi and that is ok.

As with many of us, we just want to be accepted as we are.

I welcome all families, grateful that they want to keep the Faith, Language, and Traditions alive. 


Food can be Kosher or Treyf, but ALL PEOPLE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GD!


In other words, if you come to me for a Jewish Wedding, I will give you the same wedding I would give any other couple! 


I will welcome everyone to the Chuppah, grateful that I can share my love of Scripture with everyone, without reservation or pretence. 


Your Toronto Jewish Wedding Will Include:


  1. Chuppah Canopy

  2. Sheva Brachot - Seven Benections - Hebrew Liturgy

  3. Religious Marriage Licence - Ketubah

  4. Civil Marriage Licence & Filing

  5. Blessing Over Wine

  6. Glass Smashing

  7. Ring exchange


To the Jewish spouse:


You are not less than, you are equal.

You belong to the Jewish Community as much as the Community belongs to you.

You are welcomed in our circles and we are glad when you come. 

We look forward to your child’s B Mitzvah

We are very glad that you chose a Jewish Wedding

Mazel Tov


To the “Jewish-aligned” spouse:


We welcome you into our community.

We are grateful that you are choosing a Jewish wedding

If you have any questions about any of the ceremonies (or anything else) please let us know!

We love questions

We hope that you find our services uplifting and meaningful.

Mazel Tov!

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